Artisanal Presentation,

Quality Conservation



All our glass options protect your artwork from UV light yet each glass handles reflections differently:

  • Conservation Clear is the household standard and keeps your work safe with minimal reflections.
  • Conservation Reflection Control is glass with a coating that disperses light as to reduce "glare" or soften sharp light.
  • Museum Glass is the gallery standard and makes reflections almost obsolete while offering the highest rated UV protection.

Our Plexiglass comes in four standard options:

  • Clear
  • Non Glare
  • UV Protected
  • UV Protected Non Glare

Shadow Boxes


Shadowboxes are a great way to show three dimensional objects, awards, or float prints. We use cove cut mat's or spacers to push your work away from the glass and create captivating space within the frame.

Canvas Stretching

Do you have a loose painting that needs stretching? We have multiple canvas stretcher bar options.
Whether you need to stretch an 8x10 inch canvas or an 8x10 foot canvas, we've got you covered. We use heavy duty staples and stretch by hand to ensure the perfect tension.


Sports Jerseys

We specialize in custom framing sports jerseys and have framed jerseys for multiple professional sports teams in the Philadelphia area.



Archival mounting is a great way to keep your artwork flat.
Sometimes, mounting is necessary to keep the work from sagging or slipping inside the frame.